Be protected and make money

Most people will know the importance of protecting themselves especially once they’ve started a family because should something go wrong, the last thing you want is for your family to go without money or incur huge costs associated with health care, loss of income and funerals.

Protecting you and your family is different from protecting your money which you can learn about in the ‘Protect’ section of this website, but both are vital for peace of mind and to keep control. I will go in to far more detail in the ‘Protect’ section about protecting yourself and your family, but for now here is some basic advice.

Ways to protect yourself and your family

I use Bounce and through them I have taken life insurance, income protection, investment insurance and a will. For many the costs of one or all of these is something that usually gets put of because the need for them never seems urgent, but when it does become urgent, it is often too late. Another reason for not dealing with this now is because it’s a cost that feels like you can do without due to not having the funds or prefer to use the money for something that might seem more necessary.

I would highly recommend a re-think on what is more important though and just by getting protected everything else feels far less important and the peace of mind you get from being protected can’t be measured. If affordability really is an issue, then there is an option further down this page to earn the money required to cover everything and some extra too by a simple process of referring others.

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Income opportunity in insurance

If you’d like to earn an extra bit of income working from home or wherever you choose in your spare time, read on to see how to get started and you’ll be given all the free training and support required to do so.

There are no products to sell or inventory to buy, all you need to do is spread the word and you’ll get paid for each successful referral you make. It’s very simple.

You’ll have a comprehensive back office system to track your referrals and payments due to you, including marketing support to help you along the way.

Bounce are always looking for people that want to join them on their mission to make the UK better protected, by providing quality, trusted, advice at an affordable price, so why not give it a try today?

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The amount of time you dedicate to your Bounce business is up to you, but they will give you all the tools necessary to get you going and it won’t cost a thing….except a bit of your time!