Make Money

The system tells us to get an education and then a job. In general that is fine and straight-forward, but we are not all the same and have different needs along with different desires. We don’t all learn or think the same way because we are not programmed robots, we are individuals with our own freedoms. I left school early, but I still had the same financial knowledge as all my friends that remained and went on to further education and that was basically zero.

Financial Education

Quite simply, the educational system teaches us nothing about finance other than how to count our currency and how to spend it. Of course we are told that we need to stay in school to learn what they teach before we are smart enough to go out and find a job from which we can earn money, but they teach us nothing about how to protect ourselves from debt or how to make money work for us because if they did, then nobody would use banks or credit unless it was for leverage to make more money. We are left to learn ourselves either from mistakes we make or from other people that we trust such as family or friends. By this time though many of us have already got into a routine of spending all our income before our next wage arrives or in many cases spending more than we earn that puts us into a spiral of debt.