Growing up in a small Lancastrian mill town came with many advantages but plenty of disadvantages, although I would not change it for the World. My parents not only had jobs but lived in and ran a corner shop full time between them which gave me a solid grasp of the time and effort required to run a business, a family and try to make ends meet.

I left school at 15 only returning to sit my GCSE exams which I had no interest in. School never sat right with me. I wanted to learn, but not what they were teaching. I tried a few factory jobs, but the monotony of it all was depressing even though the money for the area was very good, but due to the location having nothing much to offer, I would spend all my wages on football and beer.

After another draining week in the factory I came across a flyer on a car windscreen promoting a work from home business opportunity. This was pre-social media and old school marketing doing its job perfectly. I called the guy (James) and listened for a good hour about the business, potential of income, his experience, and his plans. The day after, I met with James, filled out some paperwork, made some bank transfers and waited for my products to arrive before diving straight in. Two weeks later and I was feeling amazing benefits from the products along with a real zest for life and what I could do with all the money I was going to earn. I sold my house, walked out of my job, and became a businessman/entrepreneur and I was going to take on the World single-handedly.

A year later and I was earning 10 times what I earned for being a factory robot and had a large team of people below me. Life was great and I was stupid. I soon learned my first lesson or two.

Don’t get cocky. Don’t change your spending habits. Don’t expect people to do the same as you and a few other do not’s. I soon lost my business and income. I could see it happening, didn’t know why and didn’t know how to stop it. To cut a long story short I tried a few different MLM companies without success after that for various reasons but learned an awful lot every time.

Over the years of working from home I have learned so much about so many things on and off-line. I’ve made some horrific decisions in investment, trust and business, but once again from that came more lessons and more education. I have of course had success and that’s why I’ve built this website. After a long time of being a go getter, I’ve decided to be a go giver and pass on my knowledge and experience so that others don’t need to make the same mistakes I made.

I’ve built up some successful businesses on and off-line from scratch including an established estate agency that began on my bedroom desktop computer. Invested in a whole host of assets and even got myself a Masters degree in Business and Finance once I managed to automate most of my life in terms of finances which coincided with my youngest of two sons being born that allowed me to be there 24/7.